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World-Class Research

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What started years ago as a small research effort is now a multimillion-dollar program, recognized and acclaimed throughout America and around the world.

Paving the Way for Better Care

Improving Life for Millions of Children

Over the years, our researchers have made major breakthroughs in all four of our service lines, improving the care and quality of life for millions of children.

“If we advance research, we’re going to improve the care that we give our kids, whether it’s discovering new drugs, new ways to do surgery, new bracing, that’s the goal…to use that information to do precision medicine, that is to tailor treatments and therapies and improvements to individual kids that we see in our system.”

Marc Lalande, PhD, Vice President of Research

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Shriners Children’s™ funds innovative research projects, special shared facilities and training fellowships. According to Chief Medical Officer Fran Farley, MD, “Today, our research efforts are focused on translational research, i.e., bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-bench research and regenerative medicine, which has the potential to provide countless ways to treat, reduce or eliminate long-term causes of many of the conditions our patients cope with.

Farley also notes a continued effort to “Promote clinical research in which we examine new treatment modalities, as well as outcomes associated with treatment, in order to continuously improve the clinical treatment and care of our patients.

Partnerships Power Breakthroughs

As part of our research mission, Shriners Children’s collaborates with academic and industry partners to develop leading tools, processes and programs that improve pediatric care. We utilize the outcomes of this work to enhance treatment options for children, allowing them to thrive and reach their full potential.

“I truly believe there isn’t a health care system out there like ours”

Fran Farley, MD, Chief Medical Officer

We have cultivated research relationships with such institutions as Massachusetts General Hospital; Harvard Medical School; Oregon Health Sciences University; Washington University St. Louis; Temple University; The University of California, Davis; The University of Cincinnati; The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston and many others.

Many of our biggest breakthroughs have been realized through these partnerships. From biomedical engineering to technologies that organize, analyze and interpret data, our partners offer us valuable tools and expertise that accelerates progress for the medical field – and for our patients.

See How We Innovate

From research to clinical practice, Shriners Children’s continues to transform our approach to pediatric healthcare.

Shriners doctor looks into microscope


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