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Helping Miracle Babies Lucas and Peter Grow Strong

Story Summary

Childhood is always a time for adventures and challenges, but for twins Lucas and Peter, the challenges have been profound.

Due to complications before the boys were born, Parents Leeza and Dennis were prepared for the worst.

Lucas and Peter were born in critical condition. Because Lucas received too much blood in utero, a clot formed in his leg. Saving his life meant amputation. Peter, who had too little blood, was born deaf and with orthopedic damage.

As the twins’ conditions stabilized, Leeza and Dennis turned their attention to the future. Their boys survived – how could they help them thrive? They learned about Shriners Children’s™ Philadelphia from a friend and took Lucas there when he was just a year old.

Finding Hope at Shriners Children’s

The care team fitted baby Lucas with a custom prosthetic and provided physical therapy. As he grew, they adjusted and fitted new prosthetics. Peter’s treatment started a couple of years later, when he was three. It included speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy as well as pediatric orthotic and prosthetic services.

Now six years old, the twins continue to expand their horizons. Lucas can walk independently and likes to swim; Peter engages in one-on-one speech and enjoys running. It hasn’t been easy, but the family is thriving thanks to the compassionate care made possible by the loving support of donors.

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