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When you begin planning for your philanthropic legacy, you search for a cause that is dear to your heart, where you know you can truly make a difference and where your “ultimate gift” will be maintained and multiplied through sound management practices. Shriners Hospitals for Children® offers a remarkable philanthropic opportunity to provide hope and healing to children, now and in the future. There are many details to be considered with a charitable planned gift, so please consult your attorney and tax advisor before you decide if any method of giving is right for your situation.

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Wills, Trusts and Bequests
A bequest is a method of donation that ensures the legacy of Shriners Hospitals for Children. It is made by designating Shriners Hospitals for Children ...
Charitable Remainder Trusts
The use of charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) is a popular way to make a generous charitable contribution, receive tax savings and generate income ...
Charitable Gift Annuities
A charitable gift annuity is an irrevocable contract between you and Shriners Hospitals for Children. You transfer cash or other assets ...
Life Estate Agreements
A personal residence or farm may be given as a charitable gift, with the donor retaining the right to use the property for life.
Gifts of Life Insurance
Shriners Hospitals for Children can be designated as the irrevocable beneficiary and owner of an insurance policy.
Pooled Income Fund
Pooled income funds may offer an immediate charitable contribution deduction, the Fund does not pay capital gains tax on highly appreciated assets ...

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are age 70 1/2 or older, you are eligible to make tax-free charitable gifts of up to $100,000 per year directly to a charity from your Individual Retirement Accounts.

There are few people better qualified to speak about the positive impact that giving to Shriners Hospitals for Children can have on a child’s life than Carol. Born in 1934, Carol became a patient of the St. Louis Shriners Hospital when she was 2 years old. Between the ages 2 and 8, she bravely endured 10 surgeries to correct her club feet.
“The hospital helped me lead a good life despite all the challenges,” she said. “If not for them, it’s unlikely that I’d have met my husband. We met at a ballroom in 1957."

Carol and her husband have included Shriners Hospitals for Children in their charitable giving plan as a gesture of thanks and to help other children receive pediatric specialty care regardless of their families' ability to pay.

Meet our Planned Giving Team

Shriners Hospitals for Children Planned Giving team

At Shriners Hospitals for Children, we’re fortunate to have the support of a loyal group of staff, volunteers, Shriners, and donors who care deeply about renewing hope and improving the lives of children.

As you consider your philanthropic legacy, there’s no better way to ensure that the children who need us continue to receive our support by making a planned gift.

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please contact the Planned and Major Gift office at 813-367-2241 or by email at


Charitable Gift Annuities With Shriners Hospitals For Children Are Now Available In New York State. 

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